Dear LHF community,

We hope this note finds you all well and that you are remaining positive, safe and healthy.

It has been a week since we have been mandated to shut our doors. It was our hope that this mandate will not go into April but at the rate that this virus has been spreading, it does not look likely.

We all must do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and we agree that the temporary closures of our businesses is necessary, for all of our safety.

Life Health and Fitness is a small business. That said, we do want to share and remind you that there is NO LHF without YOU and we are humbly asking that IF YOU CAN, to please just stick with us during this unprecedented time. You will get credit for the month(s) not used but we may need to do the credit in waves. Depending on the time we will share how it will be done. Most likely by ranges of last names. For example: if it is just the month of April... In May we will credit members with last names A through K, in June will credit the other half. Once we get past this turbulent time, we will share the firm plan.
For those who have ‘paid in full’ memberships, no actions is required. Upon your return, the time the club was closed will be added to your membership.

We apologize to those who have emailed us and we have not responded. It has been a rough week for us all, hundreds of emails received and will work on getting back to you. I do appreciate the support we have already gotten from some of our members and understand and respect the concern/needs of others.

For now, until we share the when we will open our doors, please continue to be strong, positive, remain active and drink plenty of liquids. We will persevere. LHF STRONG!

All the best of Life and Health,

LHF Management