Personal Training

Personal Training

Get GUARANTEED results with one on one attention and an exercise program that is PERSONALIZED to your individual needs and goals. Whether you are just a beginner or you are a top tier athlete, our personal trainers will deliver the SUPPORT, KNOWLEDGE and MOTIVATION to ensure the growth of your physical, mental and overall well-being. We will be here to motivate, as well as guide you in becoming the BEST YOU and achieving the results you always wanted. With us, there is nothing unattainable!

"Our results speak for themselves. We are not about the latest fads and trends but tried and tested methods founded on the latest industry thinking where our clients always remain at the heart."

Professional, highly experienced and passionate personal trainers and therapists who’ll give you outstanding results.

Come and find out how LHF takes personal training to a whole new level, in our private, 20,000 sqft, bespoke-designed facility. Whether you’re chasing maximum performance, or just looking for better health, movement, and energy. We’ll help you look, feel and perform at your best.

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It’s all about teamwork when you come to us at LHF. Together we will set goals that can and will, with determination and commitment, be achieved. We will be with you, literally and metaphorically speaking, every step of the way, ensuring that you are challenged and fully motivated by one of our finest elite personal trainers.

Through a combination of invaluable experience, hard-earned qualifications and superior knowledge of human physiology, all members of the LHF team know how to get the very best out of you, yet without pushing you to the point of compromising your existing health or well-being.

Here at LHF, we have personal trainers who have specialist knowledge in certain areas of personal fitness, so whatever your general or specific requirements, we will have exactly the right personal trainer for you.

General Fitness – Strength & Conditioning – Injury-specific Fitness – Weight Loss – Body Toning